Awesome Show is the easiest way to display joomla articles from selected categories with photo as full view and content info such as title, category, date, text info and read more.

Article settings

Select Category
Child Category Articles
Category Depth
Featured Articles
Article Field to Order By
Ordering Direction
Open Link
Category Title
Item Title
Title Max length
Description display
Description Max length
Date display
Show Read More

Images settings

From Image Intro - Yes / No
From Image Full text - Yes / No
From Inline Intro text - Yes / No
From Inline Full text - Yes / No
Order to Get
Resize Mode
Image Width
Image Height

General settings

Style - Default / Style1 / Style2
Effect - slide / fade / coverflow / cube and flip (for style2 only)
Visible Thumbs - three / five (for style2 only)
Thumbs padding (for style2 only)

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