JC Dashboards is a powerful and customizable Joomla dashboard component that lets you display real-time data in easy-to-read formats. A great Grafana alternative.

  • Display Real-time data
    You can setup datasources that will provide real-time data to the widgets.

  • Base widgets
    JcDashboards is packaged with readily available standardized widgets (over 40 and counting) that work out the box with very little setup required.

  • JoomCode widgets
    Seeing as JC Dashboards is part of the wider JoomCode developer environment we have added widget integration for the majority of JoomCode components.

  • Plotalot widget
    JCDashboards provides seamless Plotalot component integration for its widget, allowing the user to select Plotalot charts that have been configured in the backend to be displayed by simply selecting the corresponding chart from the list.

  • Custom layout configurations
    We give our customers the ability to customize layouts to fit their given environments, be it rearranging and resizing widgets or changing font, background and panel styling.

  • Drag 'n drop panels
    The easy-to-use layout editor lets you drag and drop panels into just about any configuration you can think of.

  • Tabulated layout
    Not everybody works with multiple monitor displays and so we have set JcDashboards up to able to display multiple layouts within a tabbed format. The layouts can be configured to both hide the tabs and automatically swap to the next layout in the sequence, which lets the user view multiple sets of data without having to manually work the display.

  • Comprehensive documentation
    Documentation on the features and functionality of JcDashboards is available that gets updated with each new set of features.

  • Backend and frontend editing
    JcDashboards makes use of Joomla's access levels which gives admins the power to not only edit layouts in the backend but gives them the opportunity to grant edit access to frontend users should the need arise.

  • Share Dashboards
    You can share dashboards with non-joomla users or sites, by sharing links with secret keys provided

  • Kiosk Mode
    You can configure JC Dashboards in kiosk mode with fullscreen options and setting up your rotation interval if desired.

  • Template Styles
    Plenty of template styles to choose from or create your own

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