Display Maps with Tracks and Markers using OpenStreetMap tile sets on your site.

xbMaps is a Joomla3 component to display maps and GPX tracks. A map can have many (or no) tracks and markers, and tracks and markers can appear on many maps. Maps are rendered using leaflet-js and its plugins for controls etc. Tracks are uploaded in GPX format. Markers can use either default pins, images or fontawesome5 icons.

There are many configuration options for the display of items. Full use is made of the Joomla built in tagging system so tags can be shared with articles and other components.

- a plugin is in development to enable a map or track to be embedded in an article, and various modules are planned.
- there are no current plans for a Joomla4 version as I have no plans to migrate any of my sites to Joomla4 before the internet runs out of power.

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