TikTok has overtaken Google as the world's most popular domain name and topped the list of Internet traffic in 2021, according to an annual review released recently by Cloudfare. Tiktok's rich video resources are influencing every aspect of our work and lives. Tikbird is a joomla extension that help you to manage your tiktok video or trend’s video in your website , and empower your articles and items in your store.
1. Explore the tiktok’s video in the backend
After you install tikbird in the backend, and config the accesskey in the config page , you can input the tiktok account and the videos count (max. 20)

Then, click the button – “Search” , if the account is valid, it will display the latest video list of that account.

  1. Load and Play the video
    You can click the “Load” button to load the video data , after a while , the play icon will be in the video capture’s center, you can play it immediately

  2. Save the videos in your server
    You can click the button – “Save video” , then it will save the video to your path here : “[your joomla install root path]\images”, you can use it in your store or articles later.

  3. Manage the videos
    You can check the video info in the backend, or delete them.

  4. Use it in your front-end page of your website
    Visit the component’s front page via this link : index.php?option=com_tikbird

  5. Use it anywhere you want
    Since the videos already downloaded to your server and manged by tikbird now, You can use it in your homepage 、blog、ecommerce、forum,etc.

Config :
1. Easy to config
The Config is very easy, you only need to go to the backend , and click the button - “Options” in the right-top corner , then choose the

  1. What’s the different from free and subscription? There are two type of the API Source, one is free and the other is charge by month. The following is the differents:   free subscription price free 6usd/month API requests 5 API requests/day 20 API requests/day stable No Yes

3. Where do I get the API access Key?
The tikbird download link is here :
You will get the tikbird package here with the free api access key in the order detail page.

The subscription access key purchase page is here :

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