This plugin integrates EmailOctopus subscription management with Hikashop.

For more details visit: https://emailoctopus.com.

  • It is assumed Hikashop is the master of user subscription information.
  • The EmailOctopus list contact status of UNSUBSCRIBED is not used.
  • If the subscription for a customer is removed in Hikashop then that contact is removed from the associated EmailOctopus list.
  • If the subscription is added in Hikashop then a SUBSCRIBED or PENDING contact is created in that EmailOctopus list
  • (depending on the list Double opt-in setting).
  • Customers deleted in Hikashop are removed from all EmailOctopus lists configured in this plugin.
  • The export feature allows you to export all the SUBSCRIBED and UNSUBSCRIBED customers for the selected list which can then be
  • imported into EmailOctopus. This will be a full list of all your customers and their billing addresses, so could be quite big!

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