GDPRCCCP For Joomla!4

GDPR Compliant Cookie Consent Plugin For Joomla!4

**This plugin for Joomla!4 was created to make jQuery ihavecookies.js easier to use. **
For more information about jQuery ihavecookies.js, please see the following link.

Of course, this plugin includes this script.

Note: Some changes have been made to the original script.
- The name of the button when selecting the cookie type can be changed.
- The name of the cookie can be changed.
- The uncheckBoxes parameter was not being reflected? I've changed it so that it is reflected.
- Added samesite attribute to the cookie that are added.
- Added useOverlay(1.1.0) and changed colors. If you use the overlay, the More Information (Privacy Policy) page will appear on the overlay.
- Reload after consent(1.2.0)

For more information, please see the website. https://forgetaz.com/extensions/plugin-system-gdprcccp.html

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