xbRefs contains two plugin extensions to help you create and display references and footnotes in articles on your site. The xbRefs-Content plugin converts shortcodes of the form {xbref...} to popovers or footnotes as specified in the shortcode. The optional xbRefs-Button plugin is an editor extension which works with both TinyMCE and JCE to easily add {xbref...} shortcodes without having to know the syntax.

Reference citations can be entered as text or sourced from Joomla Tags or the Joomla Weblinks Component using the title and description for the text to be displayed.

References can be displayed as either or both Popovers or Footnotes. Footnotes are numbered sequentially within each article and are displayed at the end of the article with reference numbers linking to the relevant citation in the footnotes.

The Tags and Weblinks available for use by the xbRefs-Button plugin can be restricted by tag to specific branches. Thus you can create a master References tag and assign all tags to be used as references as children of the References tag. Likewise the weblinks available can be filtered by tags applied to the weblink items.

Using Tags or the Weblink components as the source for references enables you easily reuse them in different articles and to display lists of references. A separate xbRefMan component is in development to provide views and admin management facilities specifically optimized for references.

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