Create a simple and easy-to-use reservation calendar with this module. It is particularly suitable for all those who are looking for a small, simple reservation calendar, e.g. for reservations of a clubhouse, rooms, rooms, vehicles or similar.

  • 5 Language Files (EN, DE, FR, FI, IT)
  • Responsive based on the bootstrap datepicker
  • 3 different colours for different reservations
  • color changeable
  • different ads for internal and public is possible
  • internal display with list of next reservations (the number of days can be defined)
  • auto delete of past days possible (the number of days can be defined)

Addition in the Pro Version
- show 1 to 6 month
- Selection start of the week
- show list all days with informations
- print list all days with informations
- Link free days to a selectable menu item
- Selection of Style-4 (under Colour) for Period
- More functions in planning

This is not a booking calendar and it cannot accept and forward bookings. In the Pro version, you can link the free days to a menu item, such as contact form.

This is a Availability Calendar, Reservation Calendar or occupancy calendar

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