This plugin inserts Rich Snippets (Google Structured Data) into the Phoca Cart product detail. Rich Snippets are standardized structured data which can be easily read by other programs. For example Google can read them and show product information like price right under the search result.


Rich Snippets Plugin vs Google

Google will display these information on the search result page:

Rich Snippets Product to Phoca Cart product detail page
- Title
- Description
- Image
- Rating Value
- Review Count
- Multiple Reviews with ratings
- Brand Name
- Price
- Currency
- Condition
- Availability
- Price Valid Until
- Stock information
- Pathway consist of Joomla menu pathway and Phoca Cart cagetory structure
- Custom Format Currency

Rich Snippets Breadcrumbs to all website
- Item
- Name
- Position

Note, that some information will be there only if you use it. For example stock info will be there only if the product has more than zero products in stock. The count of reviews and ratings will be there only if the product was reviewed and rated.

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