CW-files is a Joomla® module to Provide downloads. It's specialty are PDF documents, but it works perfectly for all kinds of downloads.

Core features:

Auto generate PDF preview of the title page (PHP ImageMagick required!)
Download links hidden, suitable for paid downloads
Optional view or download buttons for PDFs
Easy to use
Beautiful design
Languages: English and German
Joomla 4 ready
CW-files has been kept simple and only does what it says here. However it has many powerful potentials:

E.g. You can setup a subscription system with any of the subscription extensions available for Joomla and restrict access to the download module(s) to users with a valid subscription. To avoid users sharing the download link for free to others, all download links in CW-files are hidden behind it's smart download mechanism. You can even store the files outside the server path.

CW-files doesn't provide it's own upload mechanism, just use the Joomla media manager or any other means to get the files on the server. Simply tell CW-files the path where the files are stored and then just conveniently select them from a dropdown list in the files manager.

Since it is a module and not a component, it is easy to use it in several different scenarios all over your website. A public download area in one place, a restricted one in another, a beautiful media library with PDF previews or just a simple download list for zip files.

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