Simple block to display events from a public google calendar, microsoft office outlook calendar or an other iCal file, in the style of your website.

This simple block fetches events from a public google calendar (or other calendar in iCal format) and displays them in simple list allowing you to fully adapt to your website by applying all kinds of CSS. Google offers some HTML snippets to embed your public Google Calendar into your website. These are great, but as soon as you want to make a few adjustments to the styling, that goes beyond changing some colors, they're not enough.

Module Features

  • Calendar block module to display appointments/events of a public Google calendar or other iCal file.
  • Small footprint, uses only Google ID of the calendar, or ICS link for Outlook, or Url of iCal file, to get event information via iCal
  • Manage events in Google Calendar, or other iCalendar source.
  • Fully adaptable to your website with CSS. Output in unordered list with Bootstrap 4 or 5 listgroup classes and toggle for collapsed details.
  • Choose date / time format in settings screen that best suits your website.
  • Displays per event DTSTART, DTEND, SUMMARY, LOCATION and DESCRIPTION. DTSTART is required other components are optional.
  • Displays most common repeating events. Frequency Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Dayly (not Hourly, Minutely and smaller periods)

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