Easy Image Caption CK adds automatically some caption to your images. It will use the title tag of the image to create the caption, in all your images directly after enabled the plugin.
You don't have to play with html, just use the title tag on the image with the editor in your articles.

You can use the plugin options to choose to apply the Easy Image Caption CK only on the selected images, using multiple options : all images excluded the selected ones, or only the selected ones, using css classes to target them. There are many other options that you can play with to do what you want.

The generated source code is 100% valid HTML5 for maximum browser compatibility and smooth integration into your website.
The captions are responsive by default, you can use them on a mobile view for your website.
There are some settings in the plugin that let you style the captions, else you can use your own template css to do it.

This is the Joomla 4 version of the original EasyImageCaption plugin from Thomas Römer. This plugin has been stopped at Joomla 3 and Easy Image Caption CK is a "reborn" of it, it is 100% compatible with the existing feature.

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