It is an easy and tiny joomla module to create an animated counter that animates a numeric value from zero to a new one at a given speed. All of 80+ Beautiful Styles come with their own customization settings.


❖ Responsive and friendly to any mobile devices
❖ 80+ Design skins and supports ability to create new skins
❖ Add & Remove item from Back-end
❖ Lightweight, Fast and Robust
❖ Can specify delay, size, styles and many other parameters
❖ Comfortable to use multiple instances of the module on a page with module ID generated automatically
❖ SEO friendly & optimized for speed
❖ Unlimited Color and Styling options
❖ Easy and friendly administration
❖ Possibility to display module within article content using loadposition plugin
❖ Draggable items for easy sorting
❖ Highly customized for User Experience
❖ Used native JavaScript: No framework required
❖ Fully compatible: Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome

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