This Joomla plugin will speed up the indexing of the site, it automatically adds pages to Google. When creating or editing an article or category, the plugin will automatically send the page to Google for indexing.

An important nuance, the new page will have the following /index.php/?option=com_content&view=article&id=1 jurl. It will not be added to the Google index in order not to create duplicates. It will automatically be added to the Google index when you create a menu item for it. The menu will show a notification that the page has been sent for indexing. When you edit an existing page, it is sent for reindexing after saving. You will see a corresponding notification in the site admin.
This plugin works on the principle of set it and forget it, it is very convenient.


Go to plugins, select this plugin, enable it, fill the field with the contents of the JSN file.

Where to get this JSN file?

To get JSN file
Create a project in google cloud
Activate your project (direct with the role of owner.link)
In the Google webmaster console add a new user
Sequence of actions on screenshots.

Google limit
You can index 200 pages per day.

Google has a field in the webmaster to send the page for re-indexing, but this does not speed up indexing. This plugin will protect you from stealing unique non-indexed articles. The page is sent to Google search immediately after creation, this will ensure top positions in Google search.

This plugin can work with joomla 4 and above. If there are changes in the new version of joomla that are not compatible with the plugin, a new version of the plugin will be released.

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