Does your website get hit with lots of fake account registrations? You've tried CAPTCHA products and they're not working for you? This plugin is probably the solution you've been looking for.

How it works

  • When a person wants to create a new account on your website, an extra button and text field are displayed on the account creation form (click the image on the right to enlarge the screenshot).
  • Users need to click on Send Code after entering their email address. The user will receive an email containing a random validation code.
  • Users need to enter that validation code in the text field, and then click the Register button.
  • It works with the core Joomla registration procedure.


  • It reduces ’bot-generated account registrations to zero. Users must enter a valid email address and, if the user is not human, the account cannot be created until a valid code is entered.
  • Users are less likely to make mistakes entering their email address during account registration.
  • Helps keep your user tables clean.


English (en-GB) but it is not difficult to translate the output into any other language


This extension is a fork of .

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