Yandex Pay is a fast payment and checkout service that will help you increase sales and reduce cart abandonment. According to our partners, the conversion in the cart grows by an average of 20%.

How ​​it works
1. The button "Quick checkout with Yandex Pay" will be added to the checkout page
2. The quick order form will do everything for the user - when you click it, contacts, name, address and card number from your Yandex account will be automatically pulled up.
3. A couple of seconds and the purchase is paid! It's fast and secure, and the payment status and all information about the order will immediately go to the store.

In the additional settings of the Yandex Pay plugin, you can:
· Use your courier delivery
· Add pickup points that will be visible on the map

Try it for free
The first month of Yandex Pay Checkout is free for everyone. And representatives of small and medium-sized businesses with a turnover of up to 1 million rubles per month do not need to pay a commission until December 31, 2022.

Bonuses for your clients
We can automatically accrue cashback with Yandex Plus points to your customers. And we conduct such promotions for free with new partners.

Our payment aggregators
Well-known payment aggregators and banks work with the Yandex Pay module. For example, Payture, Best2Pay, Alfa-bank, MTS-bank and others.

If your payment aggregator or bank does not yet work with Yandex Pay Checkout, you can connect a separate acquiring for transactions through our form - our partners are ready to provide favorable conditions for connection.

How to connect?

1 step. Install the module
Download the Yandex Pay plugin. Then, in the administrative panel of the site, go to the section "Extensions" > "Extension manager" > "Installation" and upload the archive with the module.
· Select the "Management" section and make sure that all the checkmarks in the "Status" column are green. If not, click on the red cross, the status will switch to active.
· Go to Extensions > Modules. Find "Yandex Pay for VirtueMart" in the list of modules. Go to the settings page and in the "Binding to menu items" section select "Cart". Save your settings.

2 step. Display a payment button on product cards
Go to "VirtueMart" > "Products" and click on the product name. Next, on the product editing page, add "Custom Fields" called "Yandex Pay" and save the settings.

3 step. Add a Yandex Pay payment button to the checkout page
In the left menu of "VirtueMart" go to the "Shop" > "Payment Methods" section, click the "Create" button and fill in the settings for the payment method to be added.

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