ochFoundation5 plugin is a plugin that will let you easily add the following Bootstrap5 elements into your web pages using content tags:

  • Alert: Display a styled alert with optional close button
  • Article: insert another article into your content, full or only the intro text. Style and display a read-more button if you need it
  • Badge: insert a badge into your text
  • Blockquote: add a Quote and optionally a caption for the quote, a quote can have custom classes so you can style them like you want
  • PDFembed: this will display the configured PDF in the Mozilla Foundation PDFjs viewer. Giving you and your visitor a seamless PDF experience on ALL devices!
  • Popover: insert a popover on text in your document and set options like title, how to trigger the display and direction.
  • Snippet: insert predefined text snippets to ease maintence when that text snippet changes... all references will automatically change as well!
  • Accordions: remember the sliders that you could click open to display text? Accordions are the Bootstrap5 equivalent and are awesome! You can even have nested accordions!
  • Tabs: tabs are a great way to give structure and display only relevant information to your visitors. Bootstrap5 tabs are great but difficult to implement. Not any more! you can even have nested tabs.
  • Comment: a special tag that will not render on the front-page. You can use it to add comments to the text that will show in the editor but not on the web page itself

All elements can be changed via template overrides!

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