4Podcast is a modern, integrated solution to add a podcast to your Joomla 3 and Joomla 4 website.

You write a blog but few of your customers are actually reading it?

Your newsletter is perfectly crafted but readership is low? Well, people don't read anymore!

Right, but in fact they do listen to podcasts.

We were faced with the same issue here at weeblr.com, and found no solution to start our podcast that would integrate with Joomla natively and easily.

So we made 4Podcast exactly for this purpose: run your own podcast. On your own website so that you own your content, not Apple or Google.

Publish the way you already know, by adding a category and some articles to your site.

It literally only takes a few minutes to be ready to publish your first episodes. No worries about your template or styling: again, these are just regular articles, they'll use your website existing design.

But many listeners prefer using their own podcasting app and platform. 4Podcast automatically creates a standard RSS feed. Register with Apple, Google, Spotify, etc and your podcast will be everywhere.

What else? 4Podcast automatically creates PodcastEpisode structured data records so that Google can best present your podcasts in search results.

And the audio player comes in 7 different color themes!

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