The crosslink plugin was created for the Virtuemart webshop with the aim of improving the user experience. It could also upsell other products thanks to the related products placed next to the “Add to Cart” button. It loads in the “addtocart” Virtuemart layout position, but it can be placed to other layout positions as well like “ontop” or “onbot”.

The extension is using the child product logic but without the child-parent connection so you can link any Virtuemart product (from different product categories).


  • Alter or add new meta names and content to your Joomla v3 and Joomla v4 website.

  • Customize the indexing of the website based on URL parts or by URL query parameters.

  • Add notranslate, noarchive meta for certain pages

  • Send rating meta signals or copyright informations to Google

  • Change the color of the mobile browser tab for your Joomla website

  • Add Search Console verification code to the head section

  • Add custom meta names and meta content easily for the assigned URLs

  • Add multiple URL query parameters or parts for the same rule

  • URL assignement by REGEX is supported

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