Since May 28, 2022, the European directive called Omnibus has entered into force. This directive toughens the penalties applicable to misleading promotions, false reviews and abusive sales in the EU. The aim is to strengthen consumer protection.
One of the main points online ecommerce websites need to follow is to provide the lowest price in the last 30 days for products so that customers don't see "fake sales" where the website displays the price as being discounted while it is only the normal price masked as a discount to incite the users to purchase. This plugin will allow you to follow this new legislation by displaying on the product page the lowest price in the past 30 days. This plugin will also provide a history of the price changes in the backend.

Save public prices of the products (before reduction) and display prices in the product edit form in the backend
Displayed the lowest price observed in the last 30 days on the product page in the frontend

Easy and quick !
1) Download the plugin on our website
2) Install it on your Joomla website (extension manager)
3) Enable the plugin

This plugin is compatible with all the editions of HikaShop
Compatible with PHP 5 minimum
Compatible with Joomla 3.x and 4.x
30-day money-back guarantee

1.0.2 on the 22th of February 2023
The lowest price display on the product page on the frontend will now display the next lowest price if the current price is the lowest price, as per the Omnibus regulations.

1.0.1 on the 19th of February 2023
We've added a new option to only display the price history message on the product page when a discount is being used.
We've improved the update XML so that it works better with Joomla's update system.
The plugin now take into account discounted prices in order to build up the history of the prices.

First release on the 24th of January 2023

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