System Plugin to do a radius search on Joomla 4 Category Blog Articles with Custom Fields containing Latitude and Longitude values.
In addition to that you may define up to 3 Custom Fields on which the Plugin will filter the result as well.
The Plugin takes effect on one or more URLs you define.

With this extension, you'll get the following benefits:

  • Radius Search applies to URLs.
  • Define multiple radius searchs.
  • Works on Joomla Articles / Fieldset Groups with a field for the Latitude and another field for the Longitude.
  • Up to 3 Custom Fields can be defined per radius search to narrow down the result.
  • The results gets sorted by title ASC or DESC.
  • Extends the Joomla Core Articles Model.
  • Yootheme Pro: works on articles with multiple items elements as well.

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