Meal Planner is digital trend that can be used by a registered dietitian or trainer or a person in the action of deciding meals in advance using your schedule, preferences, foods on hand, seasonal produce, sale items, etc. Consequently, meal planning usually leads to grocery shopping once a week, for only the items needed and having others. Meal Planner is for Joomla 4.x.

Weekly meal schedule
With the use of this software, users can add recipes and ingredients/groceries to the recipe, along with any necessary measurements.

Meal planning calendar
Make each day count towards your goal and something you look forwards to.

Smart Grocery List
Your shopping list is automatically updated with every ingredient listed in your meal plan.
Moreover, similar ingredients will be combined:

Downloadable grocery List
Print the meal calendar or download the grocery list as an excel spreadsheet with only one click. The excel file can then be edited by changing the contents or by adding household products, and it can be printed for shopping.

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