d2 Profiles is an extension for Joomla 4 to make it more easy to manage, add and edit your Joomla articles in the backend. It works your existing articles and with the WYSIWYG editor of your choice (TinyMCE, JCE, etc). You will get an optimized editing form for your content - just the fields (even Custom Fields) you need! Furthermore in the overview of articles you can easily see which articles have an intro image that is used on category blog pages. You create different profiles for different User Groups and Categories.

With d2 Profiles you can create your own d2 Profiles editor profiles that you can assign to user groups.

Our experience

We have created websites for many years for our clients. Honestly, we can't remember how often we had to explain to them which fields to edit and which fields to not touch. It never worked out well and they kept calling us for support again, asking:
- why is something on the website is not showing up?
- why does the sorting not work as expected?
- or why are they not performing well on the Google search results.

For example they often missed the "meta description" on the "Published" tab, which is essential for how Google displays text from your website in the search results. Or they changed the wrong date field and something like sorting did not work as expected.

Your advantages:

  • Makes SEO easier - Add the meta description just beside your content.
  • Easy design - Never forget your intro image again and have a great design on your site.
  • Improved UX - Focus only on the important fields when editing your content.

Joomla is great!

Joomla gives you all the options you want ... but for normal users that might be to much, they are just overwhelmed.

Joomla (current layout in the Joomla core) :

  • 76 fields
  • 6 tabs (+ tabs for custom fields and plugins)

d2 Profiles (your own layout)

  • FULLY Configurable
  • Create your own "tabs" + columns (width 3,6,9 or 12) + add your Joomla Custom Fields to your d2 Profiles Profile
  • Assign them to User Groups and/or Categories
  • Export and import Profiles so that you can re-use them at other websites
  • You can install it on as many websites as wanted. Create download tokens that you add to d2 Profiles under Update Sites so that you can update the extension.

d2 Profiles is easy - it solving these problems:

  • Only the fields you need
  • All fields (including Custom Fields) on one page
  • Works with custom fields (if configured)
  • Intro Image in articles list (optional)

d2 Profiles makes it easier to create and manage your articles.


21-mrt-2023 : 1.0.2

Fixed: missing JEXEC check
Fixed: language file

20-mrt-2023 : 1.0.1

Fixed: issue with bulk installing d2 Profiles via upload yoursites.net, mysites.guru and watchful.net
Fixed: issue with saving Article text field after edit

8-mrt-2023 : 1.0.0

Release: d2 Profiles 1.0.0 Stable

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