JT Image Gallery is a Joomla 4 module that allows you to display a gallery of images on your website. With JT Image Gallery, you can easily create a visually stunning gallery of images that will capture the attention of your website visitors.The module provides a user-friendly interface to manage and organize your images.
You can create multiple image galleries and customize the size of the thumbnails and the gallery layout. JT Image Gallery also supports multiple image types, including JPG, PNG, GIF and WebP, and provides an option to set the quality of the thumbnail images for each image type.

JT Image Gallery is highly customizable, providing multiple parameters that allow you to fine-tune the display of your image gallery. You can choose the number of columns and rows for the gallery, set a limit on the number of images displayed, and add custom CSS styles to adjust the appearance of the gallery to match your website's design.

With JT Image Gallery, you can create a beautiful and engaging gallery of images that will showcase your products, services, or portfolio. The module is easy to install and configure, making it an ideal choice for both beginner and advanced Joomla users.

Admin Panel Options
Gallery Settings
- Module Padding
Image Directory
Limit Items
Order By
Ordering Direction
Images Per Page
Thumbnail Width
Thumbnail Height
Thumbnail Type
Thumbnail Quality(%)
Item Margin
Item padding
Grow Image Effect
Animation Speed
Autoplay Speed
Navigation Dots
Show Arrows
Desktop Dragging
Enable Fade
Pause on Mouseover
Enable Swiping
Vertical Slide Mode
Vertical Swipe
Dots Class
Delete Cached Thumbnails
Fancybox Background
Open Speed
Open Effect
Close Effect
Next Slide Effect
Previous Slide Effect
Show Image Title

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