Extranews plugin: Older,Newer,Related,Random,Popular,Lastest and Same Author Articles

The origininal plugin for Joomla 1.5 - 3 has been created by Viet NguyenHoang but is not available online anymore.

Peter v.d. Hulst has adapted the plugin for Joomla 4+, including some bug fixing and enhancement also for Joomla 3.

- Display a list below the article with Related (based on Meta Keywords in all categories), Older, Newer, Random, Popular (based on hits), Lastest and Same Author Articles.
- The images in the list are displayed as a tooltip (and stored in a cache directory).
- The display in the list can be customised easily.
- Categories and articles can be included or exclused from the display in the plugin settings and/or in the articles using: {extranews}listoff{/extranews}
- Also inline display is possible using tags {extranews).... {/extranews} in an article
{extranews items="5" title= "Related articles:" related
months_new="24" term="joomla,extension" }related{/extranews}
See the documentation for more examples.

*Remark: The original guidance/document is not available anymore.

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