JP CE Modal Pro is an incredibly versatile extension that allows you to enhance your website with interactive modal windows. With support for various trigger events such as onLoad, onClick, delayed activation, and onScroll (based on percent or pixel amounts), you have complete control over when and how the modals appear.

One of the standout features of JP CE Modal Pro is the ability to schedule the publication and ending date and time of your modals. This means you can plan ahead and effortlessly display targeted messages for special occasions like Christmas or Easter.The extension supports various types of content including text, modules (even Builder modules), and entire sections. You can easily load Builder modules/widgets inside the modal, expanding the possibilities for engaging and dynamic content.

Cookie settings allow you to control the modal's behavior, ensuring that it is shown only when desired. Furthermore, dynamic content support is available for all fields, enabling personalized and dynamic modal experiences.

JP CE Modal Pro provides a wide range of parameters for customization, allowing you to fine-tune the appearance and behavior of the modals to align with your website's design and branding.

Since version v2.0.3+, you can now add an ID and utilize the uk-toggle parameter in any kind of custom HTML, granting you even more flexibility and integration options.

Overall, JP CE Modal Pro empowers you to create compelling and interactive modal experiences on your Joomla website, enhancing user engagement and driving conversions.

Features :

  • onLoad, onClick, Delay (after X amount of seconds) and onScroll (percent or pixels amount) trigger events
  • Publish and Ending Date And Time (to plan for christmas or easter messages in advance)
  • Content, Module (even Builder modules) or Section type content inside
  • Cookie settings
  • Dynamic Content support for all fields
  • Load Builder module/widget inside modal
  • Loads of parameters to adjust look and feel

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