JT infinite Content is a joomla module to display more joomla articles endlessly using a load more button at the bottom of the page.

It uses jquery and created by JoomlaTema.net. JT Infinite Content is a dynamic Joomla module designed to enhance your website's user experience. It seamlessly integrates jQuery functionality to effortlessly load more Joomla articles with a user-friendly "Load More" button at the bottom of your web pages. Elevate your content presentation and keep your audience engaged by offering them an interactive way to access additional articles without the need for page reloads. With JT Infinite Content, you can transform your Joomla.


website into a more intuitive and dynamic platform for content consumption.
General Settings

Articles to Display
Ordering Direction
Featured Articles
Item Count
Items to Load
Number of Columns
Button Text
Button HTML
Show Remaining / Total
Easing Duration
On Complete Message
Show Pretext
Module Padding

Article Properties

Article Block Padding
Article Block Margin
Show Title
Title Class
Limit Title By
Limit Title
End of Title Replacer
Show Introtext
Limit Intro By
Intro Text Chars Limit
Show Author
End of Text Replacer
Show Category
Show Date
Date Format
Show Hits
Show Read More
Read More Text
Show More Category Links

Thumbnail Settings

    Show Thumbnail
    Thumbnail Alignment
    Keep Aspect Ratio
    Thumbnail Width
    Thumbnail Height
    Thumbnail Margin
    Show Default Thumbnail
    Show Hover Icons
    Link Image
    Use Image Captions
    Delete Cached Thumbnails

Lightbox Settings

    Fade Duration
    Fit Images in Viewport
    Image Fade Duration
    Position From Top
    Resize Duration

Mobile Settings

Columns for Small Screen
Columns for Extra-Small Screen

Version 1. 0

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