AppsConda for Joomla - Unleash The Power of Native Mobile Apps with Your Joomla Site!

Introducing "AppsConda" for Joomla 4 - a revolutionary component designed to propel Joomla website administrators into the mobile age. Seamlessly transform your Joomla website into high-performance Android and iOS native mobile apps, all while maintaining a real-time connection with your Joomla website through Restful API.


  • Real-time Data Synchronization: AppsConda utilizes Restful API to fetch data directly from your Joomla website, ensuring that your mobile app is always up-to-date with the latest content and updates.

  • Native App Generation: No more settling for simple web-view wrappers. Produce genuine native mobile applications using native components for the pinnacle of speed and user experience.

  • Persistent Login: Offer an enhanced user experience by eliminating the hassle of repeated sign-ins. With persistent login, access becomes a breeze!

  • Push Notifications: Drive user engagement with immediate push notifications. Ensure your audience stays connected and informed on-the-go.

  • Broad 3rd Party Integrations: Expand your app's horizons with integrated support for popular extensions like:
    Event Booking
    Helpdesk Pro
    YouTube Channel
    Kunena Forum
    SP Easy Image Gallery, and many more!

  • Instant Compilation: Streamline your app development process. A few configurations post-installation are all it takes to compile and bring your app to life.

Empower Your Joomla Experience:
Transition beyond the confines of traditional platforms. With AppsConda, step into the expansive mobile app domain, delivering an unmatched experience tailor-made for mobile devices. Dive deep, leverage the rich feature set, and redefine your Joomla site's mobile presence.

Elevate your Joomla site. Choose AppsConda. Welcome to the future.

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