Protect your users privacy while preventing spam and abuse. ZENCAPTCHA protects website forms (such as contact forms and registration forms) from abuse by bots and unfair users. Reduces spam, blocks fake and disposable email addresses and increases your user base quality without the use of cookies. Fully GDPR compliant and made in EU. Does not decrease user experience.

Features ✨

🛡️ Protects all HTML forms.
Block automated bots
✅ Block users and bots with disposable email addresses, temporary email addresses or invalid email addresses
🌐 Multilingual spam protection. (Will detect user language and guide users in their language through confirmation.)
🍪 No cookies
🔒 GDPR compliant (+ EU servers)


For more information about ZENCAPTCHA, visit the zencaptcha.com Official Website where you can also create your account and add your website to receive a unique site key and secret key. You will need to add these keys into the plugin. More about that below.


  • Install the Zencaptcha plugin on your Joomla! powered website.
  • Create a free account on Zencaptcha and add your website
  • Grab the generated Site Key and Secret Key
  • Add these keys into the Zencaptcha plugin settings page in your Joomla! admin dashboard.
  • DONE! 🚀

ISSUES - Support

Did you find a bug or problem? Report it on Github or contact Zencaptcha immediately.

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