xbArticle Manager is a Joomla 3 component to provide some additional tools for backend administration of Joomla content. It provides views for finding Images, Links, Shortcodes and Tags in, or associated with, com_content articles.

Currently xbArticleMan offers six views in the backend:

Dashboard - a summary of the counts of articles, tags, images, links and shortcodes
- Articles:tags - details of the tags assigned to each article
- Articles:links - shows the ...<<> tags in the content, and the related links fields for each article
- Articles:images - shows the tags in the content, and the intro/full image fields for each article
- Articles: Shortcodes - lists all of the plugin shortcodes found in each article
- Article Edit simplified - a simplified article edit screen which allows editing of title, alias, category, tags, and the image and link fields for an article.

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