Do you want to disable Joomla! 5's dark backend-style without messing with your browser's settings? NoDarkmode can help you with that!

As is widely known, Joomla! 5 automatically switches its backend theme to dark mode when prompted by the browser, without providing an option for manual control directly. Understandably, this has caused frustration among many users. NoDarkmode aims to address this issue by reverting the backend styling to its "original" light form, like it was in Joomla! 4. Additionally, it incorporates functionality to automatically detect and disable dark themes in third-party extensions.

Key Features of NoDarkmode:

  • Changes the Atum Template-Theme to 'light', regardless of browser settings.
  • Implements a simple toggle switch for switching between automatic and light mode.
  • Provides auto-support for various backend components (e.g., Akeeba Backup).
  • Automatically detects darkmode-themes of 3rd-party extensions and disables them (experimental)
  • User-friendly plugin with easy installation.
  • Non-disruptive; does not interfere with your live site.
  • Retains the last selected style setting via a cookie.
  • Incorporates efficient caching for rapid style loading.
  • Native support in Joomla! 5 without requiring a compatibility plugin.

NOTICE: If you're encountering any problems with missing or broken styles, try pressing Strg + F5. If the problem persists, try deactivating the experimental auto-detection feature in the Plugin settings

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