WEB-T for Joomla

Unleash the Power of Effortless Translation for Joomla Websites

WEB-T Joomla is the ideal solution for easy Joomla website translation. This translation plugin is both powerful and user-friendly. It automates new and existing content translations into multiple languages, eliminating the need for complex editing interfaces.

The standout features

  1. Intuitive Editing: Say goodbye to the learning curve. WEB-T Joomla lets you edit your translated content just like regular content. The result? Always accurate, up-to-date web material.

  2. Speed and Efficiency: You won't have to compromise on website performance. Your translations are housed within the same database as your other content, ensuring your website remains lightning-fast.

WEB-T redefines translation for Joomla websites
Offering you unmatched convenience and efficiency. Enjoy the freedom to connect with global audiences effortlessly, without the need for extensive editing or worrying about website slowdowns. WEB-T Joomla: Where simplicity meets powerful translation.


  • Content translation on new article creation.
  • Pre-translation of existing website content.
  • Free automatic translation in all European languages with eTranslation.
  • Support for custom machine translation providers.
  • Integration with existing Joomla localization functionality for page language switching and translation post-editing.
  • SEO support.
  • Supported Joomla versions: 4 and newer

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