Insert Markdown into your articles dynamicaly by loading content from a file.
All tools for using Markdown in Joomla have one thing in common - the article is ultimately saved in the database.
But what can you do if, for example, an external tool creates outputs and you want to display them dynamically?
Or if there are documents that are subject to frequent changes and it would be extremely cumbersome to change the article in the backend every time?

This is where Logical-Arts Markdown comes into play.
Logical-Arts Markdown is designed to inject Markdown texts from a file directly into articles. There are countless scenarios where it becomes significantly easier, or even solely possible, to import dynamic content into an article through this method.

- include Markdown files into your content
- include Markdown text into your content

- Enable Breaks - Output will translate newlines into
- Markup Escaped - HTML-Tags in input will be translated to visible tags
- URLs linked - URLs generated as clickable links
- Safe Mode - Do not allow invalid formating
- Strict Mode - Do not allow invalid formating
- Line numbering
- Boxed layout

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