Showtime module is build to display custom items or joomla content in many layouts. In custom items is optional to display mp4 videos files or images.

Data Source:

Select Category
Child Category Articles
Category Depth
Tag Filter
Featured Articles
Article Field to Order By
Ordering Direction
Open Link - New Window / Same Window / Popup window
Article custom fields - Yes / No
Category Title - Yes / No
Item Title - Yes / No
Title Max length
Description display - Yes / No
Description Max length
Date display - Yes / No
Date format - Yes / No
Show Read More - Yes / No
Images settings
From Image Intro - Yes / No
From Image Full text - Yes / No
From Inline Intro text - Yes / No
From Inline Full text - Yes / No
Order to Get
Resize Mode
Image Width
Image Height

Custom Items

Type - Image or video
Select Image
Video mp4 link
Created or author
Info text
Read more link

Main settings

Style - Default / Style 1 / Style 2 / Style 3 / Style 4 / Style 5 / Style6
Slider Height
Animated cursor - Yes / No
Cursor Background color
Background color
Text color
Google Fonts - Yes / No 
Google Font url link
Google Font Name
JQuery - Yes / No 

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