CG WebP - convert images to WEBP using GD for image processing, without any external library.

CG WebP plugin helps you optimize your page load.

When a page is displayed, all images from jpg and/or png formats are converted to WEBP format and stored in media/plgsystemcgwebp directory or in original images directory.

When images are updated, their webp images is updated as well. Webp images have a version based on original image hash, so, on change, they will be reloaded by web browser.

Storing created images in media directory has the double advantages to easily locate those images and not to double save them (by making media/plgsystemcgwebp an exception in Akeeba Backup)

On your pages, webp images will be displayed, replacing original images.

Note : this plugin is a fork of abandoned DJ-WebP plugin.

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