NoCookie is the easy-to-setup, fully customizable Cookie Banner and Consent Tool for Joomla!

Simply install, activate and your website is protected with a multilingual cookie banner,
that prevents any third-party scripts on your site from setting cookies until the site visitor consents.
As the Site Owner, you can guarantee that no third-party cookies are set without permission.

Features of NoCookie:

  • Simply create your own Cookiebanner-template that suits your site (with HTML and CSS) or use preinstalled ones
  • New templates released regularly (two are already preinstalled)
  • Out-of-the-box multilingual in German and English (other languages can be easily added)
  • Independent, free software. No connection to third-party servers
  • Native compatibility with Joomla! 5 (No compatibility plugin needed)
  • Easily adaptable for future changes in legal compliance
  • Link to imprint and privacy-policy can be added to the Banner
  • The Banner can be called up again using the GET parameter “ncchangepreference”

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