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This is an Amazing Joomla Module that displays YouTube channel Videos at Joomla website. This module is very light-weight and clean coded. It uses Google API key to pull YouTube videos using YouTube Data API. The configuration of this module is very simple - You just need YouTube channel ID and Google API Key. "Even No API Key needed" to run this module. A test key is given there by default, you can use that too. The module has 4 different layouts, all of them are customizable. You can customize the style as your own of each template/layout. The module has a customizable carousel slider too. You can gallery YouTube videos in a carousel slider. Along all of these, It has much more features at module back-end.

→ Supports

✔ Supports Joomla 5x, J4x & J3x
✔ Supported PHP Version: PHP 6.5 - 8.x
✔ Extension Version: 1.0.0

→ Configuration

✔ After Downloading the module Unzip it first. It has two Zip Packages. One For Joomla 3x another is Joomla 4x an 5x Supported.
✔ Install the module, and set up your 'YouTube Channel ID' and 'Google API Key' at Module settings
✔ A Test Key is given there. You can use the Test Key to run the module too. Later you can create your own Key.

Core Features

→ It uses Google YouTube Data API to pull the YouTube Channel Videos
→ YouTube Channel ID and Google API Key is needed to run the extension
→ 4-Different customizable Layouts are given at Module Back-end.
→ A YouTube Carousel Slider is also available.
→ There is API calling control settings, using that you can choose when to call the API automatically.
→ The Layouts are based on GRID, those are customizable.
→ 3-Different Customizable Header is also available for the layouts.
→ There are much more control settings for all layouts that helps to customize the style and parameters
→ Custom Screen Controls for different devices are available too.

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