UT Articles Carousel is a powerful Joomla module that allows you to display articles in unlimited layouts within a carousel. The carousel has many functionality and style configuration options with touch navigation.

Filtering Options

You can include/exclude or show only Featured articles, include/exclude articles from one or more categories, include/exclude subcategories by level, show articles only from selected tags, include /exclude articles from one or more authors or their aliases, show articles by date.

Display Options

The date, category, hits, author, tags, introtext and read more can be hidden in all, shown in all, shown only in Main Item or in Secondary Items.

Item Builder

Choose the number of items, number of columns on each device, column width and text on each device, image position and Article info independently for primary and secondary items. From here you also set the size of the large and small image, image quality, Lazy Load, gutter width, activate filters for the frontend and for maintenance you can delete the images created with a single button.

Carousel Options

Functionality options such as: Infinite Loop, Autoplay, Interval, Pagination, Navigation and Speed. And style options such as: Gutter, Navigation Position, Navigation Styles (7 options) and Navigation and Pagination Container to have the controls outside the case.

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