Using this plugin you can create multiple Hikashop shipping methods with additional criteria in addition to the built-in Hikashop restrictions.

- Enhanced Postcode Handling
Initially developed for use with United Kingdom postcodes it can also be used (or extended) to cater for other postcode formats. In some cases it maybe easier to configure than using built-in Hikashop postcode handling.

- Customer Selectable Delivery Dates
Depending on the shipping methods available for a customer's postcode they can then select from a range of available delivery dates (including same day).

- Requires a separate delivery date plugin.
Additional purchase required - see plghikashopbfdeliverydates.

- Collection Locker Handling for selected delivery date
Lockers and access codes can be manually entered or automatically generated.
Additional purchase required - see plghikashopbfdeliverydateslocker.

- Enhanced Price Restriction Handling
If you have 8 delivery options each with 3 order value tiers then without this plugin you will have to configure 24 shipping methods. With this plugin you only need 8 shipping methods.

- Order Item Product Shipping Method Restrictions
Shipping methods can be restricted according to order item product categories.

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