GPTranslate for Joomla is the revolutionary solution to automatically translate your Joomla website thanks to the power of Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT!
Forget to manually translate your site using the Joomla multilanguage system? GPTranslate is the most powerful and easiest multilanguage solution that will do it for you!
GPTranslate integrates with ChatGPT and Google AI to translate pages of your website and store translations in the database that can be edited, managed and improved to reach excellent results. It is capable of using the ChatGPT and Google APIs for Artificial Intelligence to provide natural and accurate translations like never seen before.

ChatGPT requires an active paid plan, while Google AI is free to use. Thanks to the architecture of GPTranslate, you can save a significant number of ChatGPT credits. Indeed translations are performed only once and then stored in a database. If a translation for a given page already exists, it will be retrieved instantly without needing to perform the translation repeatedly.
It supports more than 100 languages and adds the capability to read the page text aloud.

GPTranslate functionalities include:
ChatGPT integration™ for 'gpt3.5', 'gpt4, and 'gpt-4o' models (Requires ChatGPT plan)

Google AI integration™ that is free to use

Save translations to the database to save credits and to further process pieces of translated text. In this way it is possible to automate but also refine every single translated text like you have never done before

Manage translations to add, delete and edit each single piece of text that has been translated on a page

Text analysis: each piece of text in a page is extracted and translated into the desired language

Multilanguage URLs: GPTranslate is capable to generated different URLs for each language to be indexed by search engines

Integration with Joomla native multilanguage: GPTranslate can also add specific missing languages to those already manually translated using the Joomla native multilanguage system

Auto-translation by detecting the browser language of visitors

Text reader: it's also possible to read the page text aloud

Multiple layouts: it's possible to display GPTranslate as a floating widget or as a standard Joomla module with multilanguage flags

Customizable style: thanks to easy settings it's possible to customize the style of the widget

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