Description: n 1970's, a group of Chinese Christian students came to Newcastle upon Tyne to study in the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and the Newcastle Polytechnic (presently the University of Northumbria). As overseas Christian students, they joined the local churches on Sunday for worship. However, they felt the need to have a fellowship for themselves to have closer mutual support and a better environment for reaching out to fellow Chinese non-Christian friends. With the help of the Chinese Overseas Christian Mission (COCM), the NCCF was formed in 1976.

In the initial period, the NCCF met in student flats and the student union buildings. By the end of the 70's, the Jesmond Parish Church kindly offered the vestry in the church for the NCCF's Sunday afternoon meetings. Their ministers also provided spiritual support in the form of giving advice and talk in the meetings.

Besides Sunday afternoon fellowship meetings, there were also bible studies in various student flats which provided very warm environment for sharing and learning together. Every Christmas the NCCF had its retreat in beautiful Northumberland. In Easter, we joined the North England Easter Conference (NEEC) with other fellowships from north England.

With God's blessings, the NCCF kept growing in outreaching and inner life. In 1986, with the leadership of and training by Rev. Dr. Chou Wee Pan, a small group of NCCF members reach out to the local Chinese residence who are predominantly non-English speakers and established a Cantonese Sunday service. The group grew steadily and eventually established as the Newcastle Chinese Christian Church (NCCC). Today, the NCCF and the NCCC are independent of each other serving different people groups.

God keeps pouring His blessings on the NCCF throughout the years. More and more students, particularly Chinese students from mainland China, come to Newcastle for higher education. As a result, the NCCF diversifies in its mission field while still maintaining its overall aim: to make Jes

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