The Joomla Events Team held a meeting on December 15, 2013. At this meeting the team discussed the goals for 2014 and also identified several areas that could be improved and potential solutions.

Attendees at this meeting were: Radek Suski, Mike Carson, Dianne Henning, Sigrid Suski, and Saurabh Shah

The new goals identified for 2014 are as follows:

  1. Event organizer downloadable resource area on events website
  2. Provide print ready documents, images, and banners for promoting Joomla at events
  3. Increase Joomla promotion at non-Joomla 3rd party events
  4. Increase number of Joomla!Day events in 2014
  5. Increase the financial support for JoomlaDay™ events
  6. Official Joomla Developer website improvements

One important area identified to improve is the event submission process to make it easier for JoomlaDay organisers to get their events approved. The process itself should also be more automated to relieve the work of the volunteers approving those events. We identified that the current process is not ideal and needs to be updated. Vic Drover and his team have provided some updates on a development server for testing that is being reviewed. Radek Suski has submitted an alternative solution that uses SobiPro. Mike Carson and Saurabh Shah are going to evaluate the updated version of JCal Pro, and as an alternative, SobiPro. We would also like to upgrade the current Joomla! version to 3.2 and update the template to a more responsive and mobile friendly version.

We realise that it is extremely important to document the submission and approval process. Saurabh Shah is going to document the current process so new team members can use it to learn how to correctly execute this process.

It has been decided to review and update all articles on the Events site.

  • The JoomlaDay™ logo usage guideline has to be revised and more clearly explained on the site.
  • We plan to create a directory of potential Joomla! evangelists to help JoomlaDay organisers get in touch with good, international speakers.
  • We would like to create a resources directory which would include different materials like flyer designs, banners, marketing materials and many other helpful items.

Another goal is to increase Joomla promotion at non-Joomla 3rd party events. It would include the implementation of a form for submission of attendance/representing of non-Joomla events.

 We also discussed the possibility of increasing the financial support for JoomlaDay events. Follow up with the OSM Board for budget approval is our next step.

 An official Joomla Developer Conference is being planned for the spring of 2014 (venue and dates to be announced). The developer conference will be a hands on workshop style learning event that will focus on the areas of design/template development, Joomla extension development, and the Joomla framework. We are working with members of the Joomla Production Leadership Team to plan a very successful event that could be easily duplicated around the world in the future. More information on this event will be announced soon.

We would like to thank all present members of the team for their efforts, input, and their ideas.

The current Joomla Event Team is comprised of the following members:

  • Radek Suski
  • Mike Carson
  • Saurabh Shah
  • Victor Drover
  • Dianne Henning
  • TJ Baker
  • Sigrid Suski


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