The Joomla! Production Leadership Team (PLT) is pleased to announce the addition of three new members: Viktor Vogel, Jessica Dunbar and Robert Deutz.

The PLT is responsible for leading and coordinating the development of the Joomla CMS and the Joomla Framework. This includes releasing new versions, fixing bugs, adding new features, translating and creating documentation.

The addition of Jessica, Viktor and Robert brings the total of current PLT members to ten:

  • Chris Davenport
  • Javier Gomez
  • Thomas Hunziker
  • David Hurley
  • Tom Hutchison
  • George Wilson
  • Roland Dalmulder
  • Jessica Dunbar
  • Viktor Vogel
  • Robert Deutz

Jessica Dunbar

Combining a mix of sys admin and marketing skills, Jess works with with major brands including Fortune 500 businesses along with major universities, hospitals, airports, and casinos to provide solutions for their technology needs.
In her free time, she can be found either on the volleyball court or softball diamond. She also enjoys watching the Milwaukee Brewers and Green Bay Packers with her family and friends.

Viktor Vogel

Viktor Vogel lives in Germany and works for a big hosting company as their Joomla specialist. For years he has been developing extensions at his project Kubik-Rubik Joomla Extensions. Viktor is member of the Joomla! Bug Squad and at the System Testing Working Group and he is committed to take Joomla! to major technology events worldwide.

Robert Deutz

Robert Deutz is a long time contributor to the Joomla! Project, he started years ago as Design & Accessibility Team member and he was part of the team that created the first Beez Template. He is active in the Bug Squad, Unit/System test area and organised code sprints in 2013 and 2014.

The future

The Production Leadership Team plans the addition of more members during 2015. If you would like to nominate a member from the Joomla community for serving the PLT there is a permanent nomination form available.

You are invited to congratulate the new members at the following forum topic:


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