On Saturday 19 January 2020, the Extension Directory Team (JED) had an election for the team leader. Anibal Sanchez has been re-elected as the new Team Leader for an additional year.


JED 2020 Program

During my first year as JED Team Leader, we have achieved several successes, and the plan for 2020 is continuing the same line of initiatives and collaborations. In a nutshell, we manage the Joomla Extensions Directory in an open-minded way. 

We are trusted by the community to manage these assets, but we are only the representatives. If any Joomla user proposes an improvement, we follow through a process to decide if it is viable, check if we have the resources to implement it and get it done.

Our main achievements of 2019 are:

  • New Ticketing System and Process Reorganization
  • New Recently Updated / New & Noteworthy reports
  • New support for Cloud Services and SaaS extensions
  • JED4 Sprint (Jaz Parkyn, as Sprint Development Leader)
  • JED Full-Text Search Improvements
  • New Cards and Five-Star Reviews system
  • Server Security Incident Response and Architecture Review
  • Review Checking Process Improvements (IP-Detective migration)
  • New Team Members: Carlos Camara and Tony Partridge
  • New JED Developers: beat, Parvez Akther, Geraint Edwards, Jose Luque, Denis Ryabov, Abu Huraira Bin Aman, Oleg Micriucov, David Jardin, and Alejandro Schmeichler

The objectives for 2020 are, in order of priority, and defined boldly to fail in some of them:

Concerning to Joomla 4, we don't have yet official dates or a roadmap. After the Joomla Forum for the Future, we have hope that in February, we could have good news or confirmation about the next steps. We will plan accordingly if it is released this year.

To sum up, I invite you to continue collaborating with Joomla in 2020. Joomla is a fantastic piece of technology, with a sound architecture to create new modern web sites for individuals, small and medium companies. As always, the key is our creativity and innovation to learn from different perspectives and enrich our ecosystem.


Aníbal Sánchez

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