Today I am happy to report that a balanced 2015 budget has been prepared by myself and dedicated volunteers from all areas of the Joomal project.

A special thanks goes out to Javier Gómez and Olaf Offick — budget liaisons from the PLT and CLT — for their hard work and professional attitude throughout the budget process.


The 2015 budget process is quite similar to prior years and is well documented. In short, the 3-month process has 5 stages:

  • Set project-wide goals
  • Define objectives to achieve each goal
  • Assign expenses and/or revenue to each objective
  • Prioritize objectives
  • Submit for community feedback and approval by the board of Open Source Matters

Two important changes from the 2014 budget process were included for 2015:

  • Line item owners would be specified to have decision making authority for expenditures
  • The budget would be balanced

Budget summary

As a result of the budget process, the proposed budget projects revenue of $755,575 with expenses matching dollar-for-dollar (a summary of revenue and expenses associated with the Goals of the project are shown at the end of this document. The full budget organized by our Chart of Accounts is also available).

Based on this balanced budget, we project that our end-of-year assets will total $329,886.

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