Task 3:

Upon the mentors' suggestions, we have decided to substitute the original Task 3 with a new one: Incorporation of Workflows into com_modules.
My progress on this new task is as follows:

  1. Researched the usage of workflows and understood how they are used
  2. Copied the functions of Workflows from com_content to com_modules (and made the necessary changes)
  3. Modified the Installation SQL script
  4. Created a new menu for Modules Workflows (displayed in the left sidebar of Atum when module workflows are enabled)
  5. Fixed a bug in workflow transitions: https://github.com/joomla/joomla-cms/pull/34882
  6. Modules Workflows CRUD works

Future work scope:

  1. The SQL script for updating
  2. Workflow Associations are not being created for new

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