With Quick2Cart[1] on your Joomla ecommerce site, your users will have an out of the box online shopping experience. Quick2Cart 2.6 is a very special release since we have at least one thing for all of them; the Admin, the Store owner, Buyer and not to forget the Developers. Let’s have a look...

What’s new?

Pay with Amazon Integration

Handling stuff like payment gateways, shipping providers etc. has always been a pain. Now let off this pain, since the entire checkout process and post checkout will also be handled by amazon. Let people buy a product on your store and let Amazon handle the checkout part including shipping etc. How’s that? :D

Note: As of now this Features is for “Pay with Amazon India” and will work only for single

Dolce Vita Theme

Summer season is starting and the Dolce Vita Theme arrived on time. This theme features varied block styles, a frame like style, a special bottom position, four custom widgets and many little helpers and modifiers. At first glance it looks like a theme made for fashion but you can add any personal or business related content, too to create your unique website. This theme also features 6 different and fancy styles to start from.

Dolce Vita also supports the latest Widgetkit 2.7 features

Phoca Cart

Phoca Cart component[1] development version 3.0.0 RC2 has been released.


Changelog (in comparison to Beta2):

  • Fixed language typo errors
  • Added video parameter to frontend view
  • Added multiple categories feature - product can be assigned to more than one category
  • Changed SEF handling
  • Changed database column types (float to decimal)
  • JString replaced by StringHelper
  • Search filter for categories in administration is applied to whole

Phoca Download

Phoca Download component[1] and Phoca Download Content plugin[2] version 3.1.2 have been released.

Download: Phoca Download component and plugins download[3] site.

Documentation: Phoca Download documentation[4] site.

Demo: Phoca Download demo[5] site


  • Fixed problem when accessing files
  • Filter box moved to top in administration
  • Moved styles in plugin to run only if plugin will be found in article


If you find any bug, please

Joomla is one of the most powerful CMS on earth. As uncle Ben said ‘With great powers, comes great responsibility’. Despite Joomla’s power, its has one big drawback: building beautiful pages is cumbersome and complicated process.

A good looking page contains : components, modules and your modules should be rightly assigned to menu, etc.. As your site grows, it seems impossible to maintain and improve. If you want to change your template, it requires more amount of work because each template

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