Use Firebug Console to Catch Errors

We've regularly written about the Firebug addon for Firebox because it is a great way to troubleshoot CSS issues.

Did you know that Firebug can also help to detect Javascript errors that may break your site.

In this post, I'll share with you how to catch errors by using Firebug's console feature. 

Step #1. Install Firebug

We have a tutorial to help you to install Firebug[1] addon in Firefox browser.

Step #2. Activate Firebug console

  • Go to your website.
  • Activate Firebug by clicking the "bug" icon.

The Firebug icon in Firefox

  • Click the "Console" tab (mine says "Consola", as I'm using the Spanish version)

The console tab in Firebug in Firefox

Step #2. Catch errors

  • Reload the page by clicking the "refresh" icon in the address bar:

Refreshing a page in Firefox

  • Wait until the page finishes loading, and see if any errors come up in the Console area.

The results showing in the Firebug Console

By default, the console will display a lot of information, and not all of the results will be errors. You may see process details, log details, warnings and errors.

Pay special attention to the information that is marked red. You can filter down and only see errors by doing click the "Errors" tab.

The error tab in the Firebug Console

Step #3. Fix the errors.

Firefox Console will work with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or any other software you use. The errors you found in the previous step will be very helpful to debug problems in your website.

Report the errors to your developer in order to get them fixed.

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