We are happy to announce the beta release of FILEman 3.0. This new major version brings a load of new features to make file management on your Joomla sites better and easier.

New features:


FILEman 3.0 comes with built-in attachments support. Just create or edit an article and click on the new attachments editor button to bring up the attachments window for adding and removing attachments from the article.

Screenshot of FILEman attachment management UI

Atachments are displayed below the articles content. Each attachment is displayed with its download link and thumbnails are available for images. A click over an image thumbnail will bring a full sized preview of the image file.

Screenshot of FILEman attachments in article content

Do you need to customize the look and feel of attachments in your articles? … fear not. You can completely modify the way attachments are displayed by simply using template overrides.

Any resource that exposes a text editor may support attachments through FILEman. This beta release includes support for attaching files to Joomla articles. We are planning on supporting other components in future releases.


Two new modules make their entrance in this version:

FILEman - Files

This module displays a list of files in any module position. Files that are listed can come from one or multiple folders and be filtered using a variety of filters.

FILEman - Folders

This module provides a list of folders that gets displayed in a module position. Folders can be based on a specific root folder and the module offers support to show the whole folder hierarchy.

Screenshot of FILEman Files and Folders modules

Both modules are highly customizable and can be configured to accommodate different case scenarios.

Frontend management

We have further improved frontend management features to make it possible to manage your file listings without needing administrator access.

The beta release allows users with delete permissions to delete files through the frontend user interface.

Screenshot of frontend delete interface

This is the first step of many towards frontend management with FILEman. We are currently working on providing full frontend file management capabilities including the ability of adding folders from site. We aim to have these new features ready for the stable release.

New Uploader

We have rebuilt our file uploader to make it both more compact and easier to use.

Screenshot of the new uploader


FILEman now ships with its own configuration manager and no longer makes use of the Joomla com_media configuration settings. Configuring the component is now easy and straightforward.

Screenshot of the new FILEman configuration UI

The new configuration manager provides full control over the location to store files, file size limitations, thumbnails support and allowed file types. It also features a new email notification list so that users get notified when a file is uploaded.

We hope that you are as excited as we are with this new major release of the component. We have put a lot of love and effort to make this happen! Some more features are still being worked on for the stable release.

We encourage you to download[1] this beta release and give it a try. We are most interested on your feedback to get the stable version out as soon as possible.



  1. ^ download (support.joomlatools.com)

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