JTicketing, one of the most reliable event ticketing extension for Joomla is getting a new update soon. After a lot of feature requests and keeping the market demand in mind we have com up with these amazing additions that you'll get with JTicketing 1.8. Before you read what all is lined up for the future release, quickly have a look[1] at features that were introduced in the last major release.

What all is lined up?

  1. Online- Offline Events

  2. Google email Metadata support.

  3. Show - Who is attending this event?

  4. Jlike[2] assign / recommend support

  5. Shika[3] activity stream integration

  6. JTicketing-shika events widget

  7. Retry payment

  8. Easysocial/Jomsocial Activity stream integration

  9. Badges integration for EasySocial

  10. "Get directions" - on event details page

  11. Slider module for events

  12. JTicketing Invitex[4] Integration

  13. Menu for - single category

You have some feature requests? Add it to the feature request forum[5].


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